LEMORT Jean-Baptiste, Portrait of Henriette Amélie VAN HAREN and MIRABEAU, MINIATURE CIRCA 1787

TECHNIQUE: Watercolor and gouache, protected under a convex glass



FRAME : Precious wood tabatière with tortoiseshell inside, gold mount


FRAME SIZE: 8,7x2cm


Wood and Tortoiseshell snuff box and gold ring, decorated on the lid with a miniature portrait of Miss Van Haren ( de Nehra) (1765-1818) wearing a white dress and posing next to the bust of her lover Gabriel Honoré Riquetti Comte de Mirabeau (1749-1791).

Painted around 1787 by Jean Baptiste Lemort.

Described by Henry Bouchot in "La miniature française 1750-1825". Page 105, H. Bouchot describes this miniature as having been commissioned to Jean Baptiste Sambat by Mirabeau and painted during his stay in Germany in 1787.

We do not retain this attribution to Sambat (which is more of a revolutionary legend) and let us return this miniature to the work of Jean-Baptiste Lemort, a rarer miniaturist, active at the end of the 18th century, with a very characteristic palette.

Provenance: Having belonged to Mirabeau then to his Mistress Miss of Neyra and by descent family of Cantigny.

CONDITION: Good original condition. small scratch in harm

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Bouchot,Bénézit, Lespinasse, Blattel, Schidlof, Lemoine Bouchard, Bernd Pappe...