Legal Mentions

General terms of use

Welcome to the Jaegy-Theoleyre gallery. Our terms of use are the following.

Intellectual property

The "Jaegy-Theoleyre gallery" owns the entirety of rights related to this website, its graphic design and components, text and software. Any and all use of this website or its components without the express authorization of its owners is forbidden and could result in legal action.

Any use of exploitation of one of these elements whether in part in their entirety, particularly for the purpose of advertising requires the authorization of the owners.

Any use of our pictures will have to be authorized beforehand and contain the mention           « Jaegy-Theoleyre gallery, Paris ».

Protection of personal information

By subscribing to this website, the user gives his consent to the possible creation of a file using the personal information which was provided during the registration.

The user’s personal information will be used and protected in conformity with the data protection law « loi informatique et libertés » of january 6th, 1978. Every user has the right to access, correct or have these information removed. To do so, please send an email to the following address:

The "Jaegy-Theoleyre gallery" reserves the right to use the aforementioned data to keep its users informed about offers and information that might interest them.

Hazards related to the use of the internet

The internet user acknowledges and certifies that he or she knows the distinctive features and technical constraints integral to the use of the internet, and, notably, that the transmission of data and information on the internet contains inherent and unavoidable risks.

The internet user acknowledges that the "Jaegy-Theoleyre gallery" or its suppliers cannot be held responsible for any material and/or consequential damage, direct and/or indirect and of any nature which may be related to the use or lack of ability to use the website.

The internet user is held responsible for all material and/or consequential damage, direct and/or indirect and of any nature brought about by the internet user or his/her agents and proxies while using this website.



The English translations on this website are provided for information purposes only in order to ease the use of the website for non French-speakers. In the event of litigation, the French version is legally binding.

Terms and conditions

Welcome to the Jaegy-Theoleyre gallery. Our services are subject to the following conditions (you may also refer to the terms of use).


- Prices are indicated in euros.

The cost of packing, shipping and the shipping insurance are included in the retail price.

- In case of an order outside of Metropolitan France the customer is considered as the importer of the concerned item or items. Customs fees and other local taxes as well as importation fees or state taxes might be charged. These fees and rights are not borne by the Jaegy-Theoleyre gallery. They will have to be settled by the buyer. The buyer is entirely responsible for all procedures and payments pertaining to these fees and rights. We advise our customers to seek information from the relevant local institutions.


-The internet user must be registered to pass an order.

-The customer’s sale order is final.

-The customer receives a message confirming his purchase.

-The Jaegy-Theoleyre gallery reserves the right to cancel or refuse all orders made by a customer with whom the gallery is in litigation about the payment of a previous order.


The customer has certified to the knowledge and acceptance of the terms of use before passing the order. The confirmation of the order is therefore to be taken as a de facto acceptance of the terms of use.


After having received the bill enclosed in your order confirmation email;

The payment can be made through the means of  a bank check, a transfer payment or PayPal. In the preferred method of payment is a bank check, it has to be issued by a bank residing in Metropolitan France or in Monaco.

Please note that all bank fees and charges at the expense of the buyer.

Bank check

Check made out to: « JAEGY-THEOLEYRE»

To send to:

Galerie Jaegy-Theoleyre

Domaine des Vaux


Transfer payment



IBAN: FR76 3000 4017 6600 0100 3623 155


Titulaire du compte: Jaegy-Theoleyre

Please add the number of the bill to your payment to ease the identification of your payment.



To know more about PayPal, click:

Please add the number of your bill to your payment to ease its identification.

Ownership retention clause

The artworks remain the property of the "Jaegy-Theoleyre gallery" until full payment of the retail price.

Guarantee of authenticity

The "Jaegy-Theoleyre gallery" guarantees the authenticity of each artwork available for purchase on the website and provides descriptions and detailed reports on their condition.

Our descriptions of artworks try to be as exact as possible. However, the "Jaegy-Theoleyre gallery" cannot guarantee that the descriptions or the remaining content of this website are complete, exact and error-free. If a sold artwork does not match the description, the customer may send the artwork back to the gallery to be reimbursed.

The pictures portray the artwork on sale with as much fidelity as possible. Miniatures are sometimes difficult to photography due to the reflections caused by convex glass. Do not hesitate to ask for additional pictures.

The artworks are available in Paris by appointment.

Item claim, Shipping

The purchased item can, at the convenience of the buyer, be:

- Shipped

The order is shipped after reception of the payment.

The order is shipped to the address indicated by the customer during the ordering procedure.

- Collection personally by appointment after reception of the payment.

Cancellation and refunding

If a customer is not satisfied by his or her purchase, he or she has 7 days to send the artwork back in its original state starting from the date of receipt if he or she isn’t satisfied by his or her purchase. A copy of the bill will have to be joined to the artworks. The shipment will have to be insured and both the shipping and the shipping insurance are at the expense of the customer. The customer will be refunded by a bank check made out to the name of the individual who ordered the artwork or artworks and sent to the billing address within a month of the reception of the artworks in its original state.

The artwork(s) are to be sent back to:

Galerie Jaegy-Theoleyre

Domaine des Vaux

18260 ASSIGNY, France