Your collection

There are many possible orientations for a collection of miniature portraits, it is up to you to find your own:

Signatures, portraits whether historical, military portraits, picturing youth or eponymous of a period, a school, a country... or simply because you enjoy it, because this man or woman’s glance reaches to you through the years. This is central to the way we experience art in its myriad forms and part of what makes every collection unique and vibrant. You, as a collector, are as much a part of the experience as the art itself.

So, while not all the portraits we have made available to you on this day will strike a chord within you, maybe something will resonate. It is this overlap between collections that we strive for: to make the links of individual collections into a stronger whole.

To this end we have selected these artworks for their technical, artistic, historical, aesthetic and sentimental value.

In a domain so full of entrapments (fakes, fake signatures and other \"embellished\" portraits) my selection is scrupulously geared to save you these kinds of trouble and offer you the authenticity and quality this art form and you deserve.