A story of a passion... a love for the scaled art of miniatures. It is the story of people spellbound by miniature portraits, a tale of over 20 years of unremitting questing, ever seeking that one missing piece.

To speak about Art of Miniature requires EXIGENCY and MODESTY. Anyone cannot act themselves as trader in this domain. Traps are so many, the false plethorea. Mostly, the auctions houses's expertises leave speechless the connoisseur. Attributions are made too easily and rather to lucrative artists. what about false signatures, what about the repainted and restorations...

EXIGENCY because nothing looks like more a signature than a false signature.

MODESTY because it's better to write "French school" than to give fanciful attributions.

A long experience, "an eye", and hour vigilance acquired us the friendship of the foremost European experts and the unswerving trust of many collectors and museums alike all over the world.