Klingstedt Karl-Gustav " The stolen kiss"

TECHNIQUE: Watercolor and gouache on velum, protected under glass.

ARSTIST: Klingstedt Karl-Gustav (1657-1734)


FRAME : Gilded wood frame.

PORTRAIT SIZE: 7,8 cm x 5,7 cm

FRAME SIZE: 11,4 cm x 9,5 cm


Miniature in grisailles embellished with light touches of colours.

A couple in an erotic pose.

Typical miniature of the production of this artist. Pictorial refinement shows us an artist at the top of his talent. 

CONDITION: Very good original condition

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Bénézit, Lespinasse, Blattel, Schidlof, Darmon, Foster, Thième et Becker, Lemoine Bouchard...

PRICE: 3200€