TECHNIQUE: Watercolor and gouache, protected under a convex glass

ARSTIST: VOïART Jacques Philippe (1756-1842)

SIGNED: Voiart pinx

FRAME : Gilded circle metal mount




Louis XVI's period miniature portrait, showing  a Lady, close of a man's bust, a cassolette perfume burner smoking near her.

Signed on left : Voiart pinx.

 We thank Mr. and Mrs. Gelès, descendants of the artist, for having allowed us to communicate their searches on Jacques Philippe Voïart, in here is a summary :

Jacques Philippe Voïartis  born on June 10th, 1756 in Metz (parish St-Marcel) from Philippe Voyard and Suzanne Nicole Reignier. During his youth (on 1776-1777) he is guard-store of foods to Longwy. He joins a military loge (regiment de la  Marck). In 1789, he is Maître Vénérable of the Double Union (loge of Thionville). In 1792, he is an administrator of foods to the army of Sambre and Meuse, (during this period, he will return a part of her(during this period, he will return a part of the brothers Guevers's collection, made of Dutch masters ). Then he returned to Paris where he is in charge of supplying the Invalides.

He gets married on 29.03.1794 in Metz, to Jeanne Amable Bouchotte (1768-1802) (sister of the Secretary of the War Jean Baptiste Noel Bouchotte from 4.04.1793 till 25.05.1793)

They had 4 children among whom 2 survived beyond 2 years : the elder daughter Amable Sabine Casimir (on 1795 Metz-1885 Palaiseau) more known under her name of wife and writter : Amable Tastu . The last one Jean Marcel (on 1800-1864 la Reunion).

In 1802, on December 01st, Amable Bouchotte dies and leaves Jacques Philippe alone with 2 very young children.

Around 1806 he married Anne-Élisabeth Petit Pain (1785-1866) (better known as Élise Voiart). In 1811, they settled with the young Amable, in Choisy le Roi. The wife holds an artistic salon there and receives the celebrities of the time... (David d'Angers, Béranger...). They hosted  Rouget de Lisle at the end of his life.

 The first biographer of Pierre Paul Prud'hon, the couple is friends with the couple Prud'hon – Mayer ( Constance).

Jacques Philippe died in Choisy le Roi, on August 20, 1842 (86 years old)

The miniature: represents a young woman, in the background, a man’s bust among the fumes emanating from a perfume burst. 

This is the bust of Jacques Philippe (to be brought closer to his portrait  at the Museum of Nancy (see last photo). Voïart paints here above all, a portrait of  Amable Bouchotte, his first wife and mother of his two children, (died on December 01, 1802). But also portrays himself as a bust, in profile, turned towards her. Painted in the 1795’s, this miniature could date from their union.

CONDITION: Very good origial condition .

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Bénézit, Busse, Blattel, Schidlof, Lemoine Bouchard.

PRICE: 2300€