The association " Les amis de Lunéville " had requested us a free editorial work about the miniaturist of  Lorraine Jean-Baptiste Soyer. The descendants of the artist opened us their collections and their family memories. Some of the masterpieces of the artist, as the portraits he made of his family and two self-portraits were there.

We accepted this project, in association with Mr Jacques Charles-Gaffiot, secretary of the association, who took care of biographic researches on this artist of Lorraine.

Laurent Theoleyre and myself we are concentrated on the choice of some works illustrating Jean Baptiste Soyer's career. Delicate choice,  because the artist practically never signed his miniatures and because his pictorial  touch changed a lot all along his life. So we suggest some highlighting which "sign" his miniatures. To finish, we open a reflexion on the possible assignment to Jean-Baptiste Soyer of miniatures given until now, and probably wrongly, to another artist : Louis-André Fabre.

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French language, 130 pages, colour catalog of 70 works.

Les Editions du Net
ISBN: 978-2-312-05410-0
Price : 38 € ( shipment cost not included, 8€ for France, 10€ other country)